Live Webcast: Discussion with Bill Bordass - 17th Feb 2011

Bill Bordass,
William Bordass Associates


Principal of William Bordass Associates and research and policy adviser to the Usable Buildings Trust. He studies how buildings actually work, how people get things done, and the relationships between users, management and technologies. He received CIBSE's low-carbon pioneer award in 2008.

Bill will be speaking live from London via video conference @ 10am on Thursday Feb 17th

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Bill Bordass

Bill Bordass has many years of experience in the field of low-carbon buildings. He is founder of William Bordass Associates, which studies technical and environmental performance of buildings in use and having helped set up the Usable Buildings Trust (UBT), he is now its research and policy adviser. Bill has produced a series of case studies and guidance on low-energy public and commercial buildings. He helped develop techniques like the UK office benchmarks and the CIBSE TM22 method. He is a member of the PROBE team which researched and published a series of twenty building performance evaluations in the CIBSE Journal.

Bill is also strategy adviser for the Europrosper and EPLabel research projects in support of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. 

In 2008 he received the first low-carbon pioneer award from CIBSE.



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